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Dear #rolling enthusiasts,

In Cincinnati in 2016 we presented our ideas for the future of wheel gymnastics. Our “Agenda 2020“ described proposed initial measures and visions for the future of our sport. Reaction to our suggestion of offering world championships to gymnasts aged 16+ only was particularly strong and we have reconsidered our options as a result of your feedback. Below you will find a summary of the current status of our plans.

Athletes' Commission

AC Manual 2018

At the start of the 2018 World Championships in Switzerland elections will be held for an Athletes‘ Commission consisting of gymnasts and coaches from participating delegations. During a two-year period of office the Athletes‘ Commission will contribute to the decision-making process on competition-related issues in co-operation with the IRV Board. The precise tasks of the Commission are summarised in our AC Manual


World Championships Juniors & Seniors

Our initial idea of organising the gym wheel world championships for the age group 16+ while introducing a separate competition format for junior gymnasts under the age of 16 does not appear to fulfil our member countries‘ current interests. We will thus continue to offer all around junior and senior competitions as well as individual discipline finals at the world championships from 2020 onwards.

However, we want all medal-deciding competitions to have a maximum length of approximately 2.5 hours, which means we will need to organise qualification rounds for both juniors and seniors, followed by all around and individual discipline finals. Some additional restrictions on the total number of participants per delegation will be introduced from 2020 onwards in order to keep the length of the qualifying rounds manageable. The IRV will finalise its decision on this issue after the world championships in Switzerland.

The competition format for Cyr wheel will remain unchanged for the moment, but will be subject to review in the event of a sudden increase in participants.

Team World Championships & IRV Open

The Team World Cup and team competition at the world championships are two similar competitions. As the world championships from 2020 will have a focus on individual titles for both senior and junior categories, it has been decided to carry out the Team World Championships as part of the Team World Cup. This means that teams will qualify at the world championships in 2020 in the same manner as previously, but the deciding team competition will be postponed and will take place in the years between world championships.

The Team World Cup will thus become the Team World Championships, but will retain the successful world cup format with competition rounds and the use of jokers. We will also introduce a junior team world championships that will be of particular interest to countries with strong junior sections.

In addition to the world championships, the IRV is considering offering an open competition programme directed towards gym and cyr wheel gymnasts who would like to combine informal competitions with training sessions and workshops. We are currently planning to organise an event along these lines within the framework of the CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa, Spain, in June/July 2019.

Code of Points & InsideWheel

Code of Points 2020+

The Code of Points “freeze” from 2017-2020 will give us the opportunity to update all existing documentation and finalise a new edition of the Technical Language of Wheel Gymnastics. Furthermore, we have decided to work towards a wide-reaching strategic change of the structure of the Gym Wheel Code of Points.

The plan is to increase the importance of execution in relation to difficulty and to improve the comparability of points across the disciplines. The timeline for a new code of points would involve implementation after the 2020 World Championships (i.e. from 2021). A presentation of the work being undertaken will be made during the 2018 World Championships in Switzerland.


InsideWheel has become one of the IRV‘s key strategic projects. Its aim is to provide easier access to all information relating to Gym and Cyr Wheel. With financial support from the wheel manufacturer, Zimmermann Rhönradbau, an open internet platform for the wheel gymnastics community has been set up.

Part of the new InsideWheel platform is a digital difficulty catalogue that will be supplemented with illustrations, photos, videos and training tips, in order to simplify the process of learning new skills. We have started with the updated Gym Wheel Spiral Difficulty Catalogue, where the first elements are already available on the new platform. Together with our so-called “InsideWheel Scouts”, we aim to expand and improve this platform.

Online Difficulty Catalogue Apply as InsideWheel scout

Next Level 2020+

We have worked hard in the last 12 months on our vision for the future of wheel gymnastics. A process of change is never linear, a fact that our discussions about Agenda 2020 has shown. The exchange of ideas with you – the wheel gymnastics community – provides us with valuable input.

We would like to encourage you to enter into dialogue with us, and to motivate others to do so, whether in the Athletes’ Commission, in one of our Working Groups or in direct contact via email, Facebook, etc.

Henning Henningsen

IRV President

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