Open Mixed Masters:
Cancellation of IRV Event in Riga

The framework of the CSIT World Sports Games offers a wide range of possibilities for us to organise an international event like the Open Mixed Masters. However, we face challenges, that can only be realised with a substantial number of participants. Unfortunately, we have received only five team registrations for the event in Riga. This is fewer than our required minimum number of participants, which means we have no choice but to cancel the Open Mixed Masters 2017 in Riga.

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Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel enthusiasts from all over the world will gather at the 2017 CSIT World Sports Games in Riga/Latvia (13 to 18 June 2017). The IRV offers a wide range of activities, including open training sessions, a brand new competition format, a judging seminar and lots of fun for everyone in and around the wheels.

IRV Events @ CSIT World Sports Games 2017

Open Mixed Masters Competition

During the CSIT World Sports Games the IRV will present a completely NEW Competition → the OPEN MIXED MASTERS. This is a Mixed Team Competition (mixed sex/nationality – minimum age 14) in which Mixed Cyr and Gym Wheel Teams compete against each other. Each team consists of 3 - 5 gymnasts → minimum = 1 Cyr Wheel gymnast + 2 Gym Wheel gymnasts.

Each team performs 6 routines → 3 routines to music (1 Cyr Wheel Free Programme + 2 Gym Wheel Straight-Line routines), 1 Cyr Wheel Technical Programme, 1 Gym Wheel Spiral, 1 Gym Wheel Vault (No individual gymnast is permitted to perform more than 2 routines). In the Qualification Round all teams compete against each other and the best 4 teams qualify for the Final.

A maximum of 25 teams may register for the OPEN MIXED MASTERS. So – be quick, team up and be part of the next CSIT World Sports Games in Riga/Latvia. Enjoy the wonderful city AND the spirit of the Games, meet people from all over the world and be among the first to celebrate the fusion of Cyr and Gym Wheel.


  • The members of the 1st team to register will be refunded the 50 € registration fee
  • The members of the 1st team to register a judge will be refunded the 50 € registration fee!

Additional Information:

  • Cyr wheels and 2.45m gym wheels have to be brought by the teams
  • Registration Fee 50 € per team member (includes access to all Open Training Sessions)
  • Gymnasts may register for ONE TEAM only!

You don’t have a team yet?

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Open Training Sessions

Practise together and learn from each other – during the Open Gym and Cyr Wheel Training Sessions EVERYBODY is welcome to join in, to pick up or develop new elements or to simply exchange ideas and experiences. A small fee (used to finance the transportation costs for the wheels) of 50 € allows unlimited access to all the Training Sessions.

IRV Judging Seminar

The IRV offers a 2-part Judging Seminar → a theoretical part and a practical part (judging the OPEN MIXED MASTERS). The Judging Seminar is free of charge and the first 15 judges to register for the full 2-part Seminar will receive a subsidy of 100 € towards their travel expenses. But – be quick and register soon - there are only 15 subsidised places for the Seminar.


All registrations, including competition, training, judging seminar and CSIT packages, will take place via the IRV. For further information + preliminary schedule → see Information and Registration Document below!

  Information & Registration Document   CSIT Invitation 2017   E-Mail TO IRV Office

International Wheel Gymnastics Federation IRV - c/o SATUS Schweiz - Monbijoustrasse 61 - PO-Box - CH-3001 Bern - office[at]rhoenrad[.]com