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Int. Judging Seminar 2018
Japan invests in judges education

Jul 28, 2018

The IRV has organized its first international judging seminar in Japan. Miriam Kaufmann - IRV Judging Officer - has teached 24 people in the disciplines of Straight-Line, Spiral and Vault. For the Team World Cup in Akita in April 2019, the Japan Rhoenrad Association (JRA) has applied for this judging seminar, to educate judges on an international level.

Athletes' Commission:
Representatives elected

May 20, 2018

The athletes and coaches of the 2018 World Championships in Magglingen have elected 5 representatives for the IRV Athletes' Commission. Simon Rufener (SUI), Yasuhiko Takahashi (JPN), Svea Hüning (GER), Tami Linvy (ISR) and Katja Homeyer (GER) can make proposals to the IRV Executive Board and serve as a sparring partner for new ideas and approaches. The members of the Athletes' Commission can be contacted via

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2018 World Championships:
Successful event in Magglingen

May 14, 2018

The IRV World Championships 2018 in Magglingen are history. The german delegation took 39 medals in the all around and individual discplines with them, in addition to the World Champion title in the team competition. Team Israel became second place in the medals table with 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal in the junior categories, followed by team Japan with 3 gold medals and 2 bronze medals.

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Wheel Workshop Week
& Open Mixed Masters

Do you want to spend 5 days in a wheel?
Learn new skills? Make new friends?

Then be part of the IRV Wheel Workshop Week 2019 from 2nd to 7th of july 2019 in Tortosa, Spain!

Enjoy summer, sun and a relaxed atmosphere together with the current World Champions Cheyenne Rechsteiner and Hauke Narten.

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IRV World Championships 2020

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IRV Wheel Workshop Week & Open Mixed Masters

Tortosa, Spain | 2 - 7 July 2019

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IRV Team World Cup 2019

Akita, Japan | 21 April 2019

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IRV World Championships 2018

Magglingen, Switzerland | 6 - 13 May 2018

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Next Level 2020+:

10 November 2017

In Cincinnati in 2016 we presented our ideas for the future of wheel gymnastics. Our “Agenda 2020“ described proposed initial measures and visions for the future of our sport. In addition to that, we have worked hard in the last 12 months on our vision, strategic directions and concrete plans of action. A process of change is never linear, a fact that our discussions about Agenda 2020 has shown. The exchange of ideas with you – the wheel gymnastics community – provides us with valuable input. Today, we are happy to share your plans and actions for the time after 2020.

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Agenda 2020:
The Future of International Wheel Gymnastics

24 June 2016

The IRV has spent the last year preparing a long-term strategic plan for the future of wheel gymnastics. A new mission statement incorporates six principles that will provide the foundation for this work. The plans for 2020 and beyond include changes to the current competition format, the establishment of a “community and knowledge” platform to offer sustainable support to international development activities, as well as increased co-operation with other sports federations. The IRV also highlights the importance of including the community of member federations, athletes, coaches and judges in the realisation of its strategic visions.

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Under the heading “We are stronger together” the IRV has embarked on an initiative to achieve closer co-operation with athletes, coaches, judges and officials. The aim is to strengthen the wheel gymnastics community und increase communication between the member federations and the IRV.

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About the IRV

The IRV (International Wheel Gymnastics Federation)
is the international representative body for the sport of wheel gymnastics.

The IRV organises the World Championships, Team World Cup, coaching courses, judging courses, training and youth camps. It is also responsible for the international Code of Points and certification of international judges and coaches. The IRV is based in Switzerland and has an executive board and technical commission comprising nine representatives from different countries who work on a voluntary basis to pave the way forward for the federation.

There are three competitive disciplines within regular wheel gymnastics: straight-line, spiral and vault. Another form of wheel gymnastics, the Cyr wheel, was added to the IRV’s competitive programme in 2013. The Cyr wheel (a wheel with only one rim and no handles), with its alternative and innovative moves, provides an added dimension to the fascination of wheel gymnastics.

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