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Closer Cooperation:
CSIT and IRV agree to continue cooperation

28 August 2015

IRV President Henning Henningsen and Vice President Ruedi Hug, responsible for International Relations, met CSIT President Harald Bauer in Vienna, Austria. The IRV hosted its world championships 2015 within the CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano. "The World Championship 2015 in Lignano was an excellent Event and has advantages for the CSIT and the IRV. I'm looking forward to a close cooperation between the CSIT and the IRV in the future", said IRV President Henning Henningsen. The CSIT will host its next World Sports Games in Riga (Latvia) in June 2017. A member of the IRV Board will attend the CSIT Congress in October 2016 as well.

World Championships 2016:
Cincinnati will host next championships

30 July 2015

The IRV General Assembly decided to give the next World Championship to Cincinnati, USA. It will take place end of june 2016.

UPDATE  The World Championships will take place from 19th to 26th of June 2016 at Mount St. Joseph University. The IRV Board will discuss further details regarding the WC 2016 at their annual meeting in Hamburg (Germany) beginning of september.

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New IRV President elected:
Henning Henningsen will take over

14 June 2015

The IRV General Assembly has elected Henning Henningsen as new President of the IRV. He will take over the tasks from Paul Sieler, who announced his resignation for end of june 2015. Henning announced some changes and reforms to the structure of the IRV.

World Championships 2015:
Successful event in Lignano

13 June 2015

After 5 competition days 19 gold medals has been given to the gymnasts.


IRV Report 2013/2014:
Paul Sieler announces resignation

09 May 2015


For the first time the IRV publishes a report of activities of the last two years. Paul Sieler, President of the IRV, summarized the reports of the IRV board members and added information about future projects of the IRV. Furthermore he announces his resignation for mid of 2015.

UPDATE: English Translation available!

Report 2013/2014 (english) Report 2013/2014 (deutsch)

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