New IRV competition format:
Open Mixed Masters in June 2017 in Riga

31 August 2016

After the World Championships in Lignano / Italy in 2015 the IRV will cooperate for the second time with the CSIT World Sports Games. The IRV will organize an innovative international competition at this venue: The Open Mixed Masters, a totally new competition format. The IRV invites Cyr and Wheel gymnasts to team up and register for the CSIT World Games in Riga from 13th to 18th of June 2017.

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Competition in Austria:
5th International Austrian Championships

7 August 2016

The Austrian Wheel Gymnastics Federation ÖRRHÖV will host the 5th International Austrian Championship at the weekend 19-20 of november 2016. The competition will take place in Salzburg. For the first time the organisational team offers competitions in gym and cyr wheel for competitors in three different age groups (youth, juniors, elite).


Training Camp in Israel:
Israel organizes Training Camp in october 2016

9 July 2016

The Israel Wheel Gymnastics Federation organizes an international Wheel Gymnastics Training Camp in Merav. The venue is located 1-hour-drive from Tel Aviv Airport and offers a big sports hall with parquet floor and a small sports hall with PVC floor. The camp is oriented for international competitive and professional gymnasts who already took part in National Championships.


Agenda 2020:
The Future of International Wheel Gymnastics

24 June 2016

The IRV has spent the last year preparing a long-term strategic plan for the future of wheel gymnastics. A new mission statement incorporates six principles that will provide the foundation for this work. The plans for 2020 and beyond include changes to the current competition format, the establishment of a “community and knowledge” platform to offer sustainable support to international development activities, as well as increased co-operation with other sports federations. The IRV also highlights the importance of including the community of member federations, athletes, coaches and judges in the realisation of its strategic visions.

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World Championships 2016:
120 Gymnasts will compete in Cincinnati

22 May 2016

120 gymnasts from 15 countries will compete at the 12th world championships in wheel gymnatics. The junior girls form the biggest group during the World Championships. 45 junior girls are registered for the all around competition in Cincinnati. The group of junior boys consists of 11 participants. For the Senior All Around Qualification on Tuesday 31 female gymnasts and 17 male gymnasts are registered. For the Cyr Wheel Competition we have 9 Men and 7 Women who will compete on wednesday and thursday. Furthermore, 7 teams compete for only 4 available spots at the team final competition. The start list for the world championships will be published a few days before the competition starts.

List of Participants

Cyr Wheel:
Improvements for Cyr Wheel Code of Points

26 April 2016

The final versions of the regulations for the Technical Programme and Free Programme in Cyr Wheel are now available for download from the IRV website. A few additions/explanations have been added to the already published Technical Programme Regulations (2016 Version 1.1 replaces 2016 Version 1.0), while the regulations for the Free Programme (2016 Version 1.0) have been updated/improved from the 2015 regulations.

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Team World Cup 2017:
Team World Cup 2017 in Salzburg

11 April 2016

The Austrian Wheel Gymnastics Federation ÖRHÖV will host the 2017 Team World Cup in Salzburg. The event will take place on April 22, 2017 at the sports hall "Alpenstrasse". The Wheel Gymnastics Community knows Salzburg and the sports hall already. 2007 the world championships took place at the same venue.


Photo: © Chriusha (Хрюша) / CC-BY-SA-3.0

World Championships 2018:
2018 Event will take place in Switzerland

3 April 2016

Magglingen in Switzerland will host the 2018 World Championships in Wheel Gymnastics. The IRV Executive Board has approved the application of RhönradSwiss to host the World Championships from 6-13 May 2018. It will be the 13th World Championships in Gym Wheel and the 4th Cyr Wheel World Championships.

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World Championships 2016:
Main Registration for Cincinnati

31 March 2016

The 2016 World Championships are getting closer. The Main Registration for the Event in Cincinnati is available now. Registration process is open until 13th of May 2016.

Main Registration

Agenda 2020:
The Future of International Wheel Gymnastics

22 March 2016

During the last year we have already announced that the IRV is planning to adjust its strategy and focus. Under the slogan “Agenda 2020” we would like to present how we want to develop the IRV and Wheel Gymnastics over the next four years. We therefore invite you to attend our presentation of the “Agenda 2020 – The Future of Wheel Gymnastics” on Friday 24 June 2016 at Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati/USA.


Gym Wheel Code of Points:
No Changes from 2017 until 2020

22 March 2016

We are aware that there have been a lot of changes and improvements to the Code of Points over the last few years and we have therefore decided to “freeze” the regulations from 2017 until 2020. This time is necessary to re-think all structures within the IRV framework, including the Code of Points.

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USA Trials 2016:
Qualification for World Championships

21 March 2016

This past weekend, 26 athletes qualified to represent the USA Wheel Gymnastics team at the World Championships this summer. In June, Wheelers from around the world will meet in Cincinnati, OH at Mount St Joseph University to compete for the gold, and Team USA is off to a great start! A report by Wolfgang Bientzle

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Cyr Wheel:
Updated Difficulty Catalogue 2016

23 February 2016

The 2016 CYR Wheel Difficulty Catalogue is an updated version of the 2015 CYR Wheel Difficulty Catalogue. New skills and changes since 2015 are marked with grey shading.

Code of Points

Training Camp in Israel:
Israel hosts Camp in October 2016

18 February 2016

The Isreali Wheel Gymnastics Association will host an international training camp for competitive and professional gymnasts from 18th to 25th of october 2016. The training will be held in a sports hall with parquet floor in Mizra. Accommodation and full board is planned at Nof Tavor Hotel, with a distance of 750m to the sports hall. Each room includes a shower & toilet, air conditioning and internet connection. A detailed invitation with registration information will be published mid of April 2016.

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New Elements 2016:
New Category: Vertical Spiral

04 February 2016


The updated document of the new elements 2016 is available. It includes a new category in spiral: vertical spiral. In a vertical spiral the wheel rotates on one rim in an almost upright position. The circular path traced by the wheel rim on the floor is extremely small, while the rotational movement takes place solely around the longitudinal axis through the entire system consisting of gymnast and wheel. Four new elements were recognized by the IRV judging team, all with a D-difficulty.

New Elements 2016 Videos

World Championships 2016:
More than 140 athletes pre-registered

01 February 2016

143 Athletes from 14 nations are pre-registered for the World Championships 2016 in Cincinnati. The focus is still on Gym Wheel (116 participants), but Cyr Wheelers are catching up. This year we will see 27 competitors in technical and free program. Noteworthy in Gym Wheel is the high number of junior participants (60), that will beat the seniors (56 participants).

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Training Camp for Men:
Preparations for Cincinnati

29 January 2016

For the second time, an international wheel gymnastics training weekend for men took place from January 22 to January 24 2016. This year, the participants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria met in Weilheim, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. A report by Alexander Müller.

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Cyr Wheel Code of Points 2016:
Regulations for Technical Programme

26 January 2016

In the last six months we have had a strong focus on the development of the Cyr Wheel Regulations and overall strategy. Maria Sollohub (VP Cyr Wheel) and her team have put an enormous effort into the development of a new direction for the Code of Points. The first step, the regulations for the technical programme, are now online. The 2016 version was reinvented to realise a flexible and easy judging system. The 2016 Difficulty Catalogue is nearly ready and will be published as soon as possible. Updated regulations for the Free Programme will be published after that. Read more about the IRV efforts in Cyr Wheel.

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Tipps for Training 9:
"Rolling Back" in Straight-Line

24 January 2016

As we already mentioned in the “Changes of Code of Points 2015“ Rolling back in decentralised moves in straight-line will be judged more strictly. The new training tipp will give you an overview about the new rule. We tried to describe the rule with many examples and graphics, so that it will be easier to understand the new regulation. Please note, that we will already judge according to this rule at the World Championships 2016.

Tipps for Training

Japanese Championships:
91 participants in Tsukuba

15 December 2015

The 21st japanese national championship was held in Tsukuba on 12-13 december 2015. 91 gymnasts from the whole country took part at the championships. Winner of the all-around competition is Yasuhiko Takahashi, as well the current world champion all-around. The female competition won Yuuki Matsuura with only 0,05 in advance before Aya Horiguchi. A small report by Satoshi Motoya.


Competition Rules 2016:
Changes in Competition Rules for 2016

30 November 2015

For the upcoming World Championships 2016 in Cincinnati the IRV has changed some aspects of the current Competition Rules. The new version will be valid for the World Championships 2016. Most important changes are e.g.:

  • rules for new competition Senior All Around Final
  • qualifying scores for Gym Wheel individual finals are the same for juniors and seniors
  • changes in the Cyr Wheel All Around Competition and Final
  • registration formalities for judges
  • pocket cards

Competition Rules 2016

New Team Member:
Sibylle Müller becomes Finance Officer

27 November 2015

Sibylle Müller from Switzerland will take on the post as IRV Finance Officer. Sibylle is a trustee and an accountant specialist in Switzerland and has considerable experience in building sustainable financial strategies.

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Belgian Open 2015:
International Competition in Eupen

25 November 2015

For the second time the Belgian Wheel Gymnasts organize the International Competition Belgian Open. Achim Pitz and his team are very happy to welcome more than 60 gymnasts from Norway, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. "We would never have thought that it is such a success", said Achim Pitz in an interview with IRV media officer Gerlind Vollmer.

Interview Achim Pitz [de]

Agenda 2020:
IRV discusses future of Competition Formats

24 November 2015

The IRV Board discussed last weekend in Frankfurt (Germany) the future development of IRV competition formats, taken into account the international development and new trends in wheel gymnastics. IRV President Henning Henningsen: "It is necessary to discuss changes and improvements for our events. It is our ambitious goal to develop actively new ideas and innovations for our sport." All ideas will be summarized in an overall strategy and presented at the World Championships 2016 in Cincinnati.

Danish Championships 2015:
International Event in Sonderburg

23 November 2015

For the second time, the Danish Wheel Gymnastics Federation organized its Danish National Championships. Clubs from denmark and northern germany sent 48 gymnasts to compete in 7 different categories. The next event in 2016 will take place in Ringsted.


Austrian Championships 2015:
Fantastic Event in Salzburg

11 November 2015

Congratulations to Hans Pichler and his team for a fantastic event in Salzburg, Austria. IRV President Henning Henningsen and Vice President Ruedi Hug attended the 4th International Austrian Championships ‪#‎IÖM‬ last weekend and were enthusiastic about the performance of all participants. "Salzburg is a beautiful city at the foot of the Alps. It was great to see all the wheel gymnasts from Europe coming to Salzburg to compete", said Henning Henningsen. "I will definitely come back again!"

Results Interview Alexander Müller [de]

Preparation for WC 2016:
IRV supported Wheel Weekend in Chicago

22 October 2015

The IRV gave financial support for courses at the Wheel Weekend of its member country USA beginning of october 2015 in Chicago. IRV president Henning Henningsen: "It is one of our goals to support the development of Wheel Gymnastics in North- and South-America. Therefore we gave financial support for the organisation of the Wheel Weekend beginning of October in Chicago."

IRV members can apply for subsidies for the organisation of international courses. Further details are available in our membership regulations.

Photos Membership Regulations

Changes in Code of Points:
Changes 2015 are available

10 October 2015


After the World Championships 2015 the IRV Judging Officer evaluated and analysed the development of the excercises. This results in Changes to the Code of Points, which will come into effect at the World Championships 2016 in Cincinnati.

Changes in Code of Points

Agenda 2020:
The Future of International Wheel Gymnastics and Cyr Wheel Sports

20 September 2015

Letter of IRV President Henning Henningsen:

Dear Athletes,
The IRV has grown up. The accumulated experience of many years of international wheel gymnastics is valuable to set the course for the future.
The IRV has to become more attractive in its events and structures for everybody - starting with athletes, judges, coaches and fans, and moving on to spectators, sports officials and TV broadcasters, who do not know wheel gymnastics yet. We want to summarize our visions, strategies and initiatives under the heading “Agenda 2020” and lead international Gym and Cyr Wheel Gymnastics, with the corresponding structures, into the future.

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Closer Cooperation:
CSIT and IRV agree to continue cooperation

28 August 2015

IRV President Henning Henningsen and Vice President Ruedi Hug, responsible for International Relations, met CSIT President Harald Bauer in Vienna, Austria. The IRV hosted its world championships 2015 within the CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano. "The World Championship 2015 in Lignano was an excellent Event and has advantages for the CSIT and the IRV. I'm looking forward to a close cooperation between the CSIT and the IRV in the future", said IRV President Henning Henningsen. The CSIT will host its next World Sports Games in Riga (Latvia) in June 2017. A member of the IRV Board will attend the CSIT Congress in October 2016 as well.

World Championships 2016:
Cincinnati will host next championships

30 July 2015

The IRV General Assembly decided to give the next World Championship to Cincinnati, USA. It will take place end of june 2016.

UPDATE  The World Championships will take place from 19th to 26th of June 2016 at Mount St. Joseph University. The IRV Board will discuss further details regarding the WC 2016 at their annual meeting in Hamburg (Germany) beginning of september.

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New IRV President elected:
Henning Henningsen will take over

14 June 2015

The IRV General Assembly has elected Henning Henningsen as new President of the IRV. He will take over the tasks from Paul Sieler, who announced his resignation for end of june 2015. Henning announced some changes and reforms to the structure of the IRV.

World Championships 2015:
Successful event in Lignano

13 June 2015

After 5 competition days 19 gold medals has been given to the gymnasts.


IRV Report 2013/2014:
Paul Sieler announces resignation

09 May 2015


For the first time the IRV publishes a report of activities of the last two years. Paul Sieler, President of the IRV, summarized the reports of the IRV board members and added information about future projects of the IRV. Furthermore he announces his resignation for mid of 2015.

UPDATE: English Translation available!

Report 2013/2014 (english) Report 2013/2014 (deutsch)

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