World Championships 2016:
Cincinnati will host next championships

30 July 2015

The IRV General Assembly decided to give the next World Championship to Cincinnati, USA. It will take place end of june 2016.

UPDATE  The World Championships will take place from 19th to 26th of June 2016 at Mount St. Joseph University. The IRV Board will discuss further details regarding the WC 2016 at their annual meeting in Hamburg (Germany) beginning of september.

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New IRV President elected:
Henning Henningsen will take over

14 June 2015

The IRV General Assembly has elected Henning Henningsen as new President of the IRV. He will take over the tasks from Paul Sieler, who announced his resignation for end of june 2015. Henning announced some changes and reforms to the structure of the IRV.

World Championships 2015:
Successful event in Lignano

13 June 2015

After 5 competition days 19 gold medals has been given to the gymnasts.


IRV Report 2013/2014:
Paul Sieler announces resignation

09 May 2015


For the first time the IRV publishes a report of activities of the last two years. Paul Sieler, President of the IRV, summarized the reports of the IRV board members and added information about future projects of the IRV. Furthermore he announces his resignation for mid of 2015.

UPDATE: English Translation available!

Report 2013/2014 (english) Report 2013/2014 (deutsch)

Int. Training Weekend:
Male Gymnasts prepared for WC

27 April 2015

At the last weekend of April, 16 wheel gymnasts from five different European countries met in Würzburg and Rimpar (Germany) for two days of training. Athletes from Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland took part in this event, which was organized for the first time. Most of these gymnasts will also compete in the upcoming world championships in June in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy).


World Championships 2015:
Cyr and German Wheel Shows wanted

06 April 2015

For the World Championships in Lignano, the IRV is looking for German Wheel and Cyr wheel shows. These will be performed at several occasions between Monday the 8th of June and Saturday the 13th of June in between the competitions.

We invite anyone who would like to present a show to send an e-mail to Linde Wester with a video or description of the show. The shows should be between 5 and 10 minutes long, and may be solo, duo, or group performances. We especially encourage participants of the World Championships to present a show. The organisation will make sure that participants will not be scheduled in advance of their competitions.

E-Mail to Linde Wester

WC-Qualification in Germany:
28 Athletes in German Team

31 March 2015

Last weekend the german team was nominated. 28 Athletes from Germany will travel to Lignano. They will compete in junior and senior class, as well as Cyr Wheel man and women competition. A small report by Henning Henningsen


WC-Qualification in the USA:
25 athletes will travel to Lignano

18 March 2015

Last Weekend, the Qualification for the WC 2015 was held in Chicago, USA. 25 athletes qualified for team USA to compete at the 11th World Championship in Wheel Gymnastics and Cyr Wheel in Italy. The IRV is happy to welcome the US-Team in Lignano beginning of June. A small report by Wolfgang Bientzle.


WC-Qualification in Israel:
Israeli Team is prepared for Lignano

4 March 2015

Last Saturday, February 28, 2015, the Israeli National Championship in Wheel Gymnastics and the last Qualification for the Israeli National Team took place at Timrat Sports Center. This competition was attended by many Israeli clubs: Hof Hacarmel, Timrat - Tivon and Hapoel Zichron Yaakov Club. A report by Ido Leviatov.


Training Weekend:
IRV supports Training Weekend for Men

15 February 2015

An International Gym-Wheel-Weekend for Men will be held in Rimpar and Würzburg (Germany) at 25th and 26th of april 2015. All competition-orientated male wheel gymnasts from Europe are invited to take part, especially those athletes who prepare for international competitions. The IRV supports this course with a subsidy for travel expenses.


Cyr Wheel:
Code of Points 2015 available

15 February 2015

At the Cyr Wheel World Championships in Lignano 2015 all competitors will perform a technical programme and a free programme according to the IRV Cyr Wheel Code of Points 2015, which was released today. The IRV CYR Wheel Code of Points for 2015 is an IRV English adaptation of the current German (DTB) regulations, which in turn are based on the IRV Rules developed for the July 2013 World Championships in Chicago, USA. However the IRV is still in a start-up phase with regard to CYR Wheel as a competitive discipline and we anticipate continued development of the International Code of Points and Difficulty Catalogue in the future.

Code of Points

New Elements 2015

16 January 2015

New Elements for the world championships 2015 are available. For the first time the IRV provides video sequeces of the new elements to optimize the training sessions. The new elements are valid from 1st of january 2015

New Elements 2015

"Velkommen Danmark":
Denmark becomes IRV-Bronze-Member

11 January 2015

The Danish Wheel Gymnastic Clubs become member of the IRV. We welcome our 10th member and are very pleased to earn the first fruits of the new membership structure, which offers the IRV members much more flexibility.

IRV members

Membership Regulations:
Members approve new structure

10 January 2015

We are pleased to be able to begin 2015 with good news. The E-Mail ballot regarding changes to the IRV Articles of Association was unanimously approved by all members of the IRV. This means that a three-level membership structure (gold, silver, bronze) will take immediate effect, with an additional entry level introductory membership.

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20th Japan Championships
in Wheel Gymnastics

19 December 2014

20th Japan championships was held in Tsukuba on December 13 and 14th. In Tsukuba nearby the Japanese capital Tokyo took part about 90 gymnasts including 12 youths from the whole country. A report by Satoshi Motoya.

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World Championships 2015:
Volunteer Programme initiated

29 November 2014

2015 is a special year for wheel gymnastics. In 2014 the IRV became an associated member of the international sports federation, CSIT, and in 2015 the wheel gymnastics world championships will be organised for the first time in co-operation with the CSIT in Lignano, Italy. A Volunteer Programme has been set up for this event and we will keep you informed about opportunities to help, to achieve the goal of spreading our sport.

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1st International Belgian Open:
Successful competition in Eupen

24 November 2014

47 Wheel-Gymnasts from Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands met last Saturday in Eupen to the 1st International Belgian Open Wheel Gymnastics Championships. In this great competition some of Europe's best wheel gymnasts could compete against each other and present the numerous spectators wheel gymnastics at the highest level. A report by Achim Pitz.

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IRV asks member countries to vote
on new membership structure

24 November 2014

The IRV has spent the best part of a year deliberating with its member countries about a reform of the IRV membership structure. The work is now complete and has been sent to the IRV member countries for approval. If the planned changes are accepted unanimously by all member countries, the new membership structure will be valid from 1 January 2015, in time for the World Championships in Lignano.

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Membership Regulations 2014
Articles of Association Revision 2014

World Championships 2015:
Preliminary Registration available

9 November 2014

The World Championships 2015 will be held in Lignano (Italy) in cooperation with the CSIT World Sports Games 2015. A Preliminary Registration and the 1st CSIT Invitation are available now.

Preliminary Registration

World Championships:
A change in rhythm from
“odd” to “even” years from 2016

9 November 2014

After the 2015 World Championships in Lignano, Italy, it will not be long before the next set of world titles will be contested. After a proposal from the German Gymnastics Federation, the IRV has decided to change the rhythm of the World Championships from “odd” to “even” years. This means that the World Championships will be held in 2015, 2016, 2018 ….. and so on (every two years). The reason for the German proposal was a collision with the International German Gymnastics Festival that takes place every four years and will be next organised in Berlin in 2017. The Team World Cup will have a break in 2016 and will be held again in 2017.


New general Secretary:
Silvia Wägli (CH) new secretary of the IRV

7 November 2014

It is big pleasure to introduce you to our new general Secretary: Silvia Wägli. Silvia is Secretary of SATUS Switzerland and in this function she will handle all IRV issues as well. We are very happy to welcome Silvia in our team.

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Int. Austrian Championships:
Successful Competition in Salzburg

25 October 2014

58 RhönradturnerInnen aus Österreich, Deutschland, der Schweiz, den Niederlanden, Norwegen, Japan, Israel und Belgien trafen sich am vergangenen Samstag in Salzburg zu den 3. Internationalen Österreichischen Meisterschaften. Bei diesem besonderen Event konnten die Zuschauer Rhönradsport auf Spitzenniveau bewundern.

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World Championships 2015
can take place in Lignano, Italy

19 October 2014

We are very pleased to confirm the hosting of the World Championships 2015 in Lignano (Italy) from 7th to 14th of june 2015. A small IRV delegation met the CSIT representatives at one of their annual meetings in Lignano. They discussed the cooperation at CSIT world sports games 2015 and inspected possible WC venue in Italy. Ruedi Hug, IRV Vicepresident, commented on the agreement: "The CSIT cooperation is the next chapter of the international distribution of wheel gymnastics. I'm sure, the WC 2015 in Lignano will be successful for athletes, trainers and the IRV as well."

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Tips for Training (7):
Repetition of Moves & Lack of Variation

05 July 2014

The Code of Points for Straight-line and Spiral includes precise regulations regarding the definition of move/element repetition and structure groups. As a result of frequent questions received from coaches and judges, we have decided to publish a summary of these regulations and their implications for the judging of voluntary routines.

Tipps for Training (7)

Japan wins Team World Cup in Berlin

28 April 2014

The japanese team won the 7th World Team Cup 2014 in Berlin. With a total score of 21 points the japanese gymnast Yasuhiko Takahashi led his team to the gold medal with the last routine of the competition. The 2nd place went to the teams from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands with a total score of 18 points.


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