• Agenda 2020

Agenda 2020


Dear friends of wheel gymnastics,

A few months ago we announced that we were planning wide-reaching changes to our organisational structures. We consider these changes to be necessary in order to lead our federation into the future with a modern and attractive sport.

This web page will be used to present how we think we would like the IRV to look in the year 2020. Over the past year we have discussed various ideas regarding the future of the IRV. During the next four years we will develop our ideas into concepts, structures and regulations. This means that we will try out a few ideas at an early stage in order to gather experience. Our objective is to start implementing the new structures from 2020.

There is still a long way to go before implementation. The first stage will be to initiate discussions and workshops, through which we will consult our members, coaches, judges and gymnasts, in order to include them in a structured manner in the development of our own ideas.

Our revised Mission Statement provides the point of departure for our Agenda 2020. This statement defines the foundation and goals for our work. After that we will provide an overview of our ideas for the future of international wheel gymnastics.

Henning Henningsen
President of the IRV

Mission Statement

Our new Mission Statement comprises six points, which define the foundation and goals for our work. We will check all our decisions and proposed changes to make sure that they are in line with this mission statement.


We offer innovative platforms and development opportunities to spread Wheel Gymnastics across all five continents.


We facilitate access to Wheel Gymnastics and are committed to healthy and sustainable performance development.


We offer attractive events to make Wheel Gymnastics a known and sought-after sport.


We shape the future of our sport through open-mindedness, commitment and competence.


We are committed to maintaining fair and respectful interaction with one another.


We build bridges and maintain an active and transparent form of co-operation.

Competition Programme

Rhönrad (Gym Wheel), Cyr Wheel & Freestyle

The innovative style of performance that has developed within our sport over recent years should provide a platform for further development. From 2020 we would like to introduce a new competition category alongside "classical" Gym Wheel and the still young Cyr Wheel. We would like to establish "Freestyle" as a third IRV competition category. We have several ideas about how to achieve this, all of which aim at establishing an attractive competition format for both gymnasts and spectators.

World Championships from age 16

Our ideas regarding the World Championships are more concrete. In order for the championships to remain attractive for athletes, spectators and organisers in the future, it is necessary to change some of the structures. Future events will be based on the following two major principles:

Max. four days of competition

No medal-deciding competition rounds that last for more than 2.5 hours

In order to start living up to these principles, we have introduced a qualifying competition for this year‘s senior women and men all around championships. A separate final (lasting 2.5 hours) will decide the all around medals for the best athletes from the qualifying competition. It is important for us to gain experience from this in order to pave the way for the future.

Furthermore, we want to reduce the World Championships programme to four days of competition. In order to achieve this, we plan to organise youth competitions in a separate competition format. The World Championships would thus no longer differentiate between junior and senior (youth and adults), and the age limit for participation would be lowered to 16. We aim to concentrate on the Gym Wheel disciplines of spiral, vault and straight-line to music, with additional competitions in Cyr Wheel and Freestyle.

IRV Cup: Youth World Ranking List

Alongside the World Championships and Team World Cup, we would like to introduce a new series of events. A Youth World Ranking List will enable gymnasts up to the age of 18 to gain competition experience from participating in specific events. The best athletes in the World Ranking List would then qualify to participate in an IRV Cup in the disciplines of straight-line without music, spiral and vault.

The IRV Cup and Youth World Ranking List would thus replace the current junior competitions at the World Championships. Our aim is to use these additional events to encourage the exchange of experience and participation of young international wheel gymnasts, at the same time as supporting our member countries in the organisation of international events.

Updates to the Code of Points

The International Code of Points for Gym Wheel has been updated and documented in detail over the last few years. Work is also ongoing to produce a revised version of the Technical Language of Wheel Gymnastics – the foundation for the Code of Points. We will spend the coming months completing and consolidating this work.

A "Freeze" of the Gym Wheel Code of Points from 2017-2020 has already been announced, and no new elements will be added to the difficulty catalogue during this period.

The Cyr Wheel Code of Points is still in an early stage of development and will not be affected by the Freeze. Improvements and changes will be made during the next few years in order to consolidate Cyr Wheel as a competitive discipline within Wheel Gymnastics.

International Development

Make Knowledge accessible

Knowledge is an extremely important resource for our sport. Many coaches, gymnasts and judges are experts and share their expertise through courses or training camps. All our member countries have pockets of expertise that can be used to promote our sport. Our idea is to co-ordinate this expertise on an Internet platform that can be made available to all our member federations.

We have already started building our own Internet portal (InsideWheel.com) and plan to make as many difficulty elements available as possible, together with useful extra information, photos and videos. We are convinced that this will make it easier to learn new moves.

The same Internet platform will be used to offer online courses for judges and coaches, a market place for second-hand wheels, as well as a discussion forum for all topics relating to our sport.


Subsidies for courses & Training Camps

In addition to online courses on InsideWheel, there will still be a need for live courses in the gym, where theoretical knowledge can be put into practice. The kind of international training camps that we have been used to over the last 20 years are unfortunately no longer logistically or organisationally possible to carry out.

This is why we want to support smaller decentralised training courses and camps. From 2017 the IRV will include subsidies for training camps and courses in its budget. These funds will be made available to pay for qualified instructors and course leaders. The guidelines for receiving subsidies will be updated in the coming months.

Co-operation with other Sport Federations

In 2015 the World Championships took place for the first time within the framework of the CSIT World Sports Games. As an international sports federation, the CSIT offers the IRV an excellent network and platform from which to promote our sport.

We therefore hope to be able to consolidate our co-operation with the CSIT and other sports federations in the years to come.

The CSIT World Sports Games should become a permanent fixture in our competition calendar. We are already planning an "Open Mixed Masters" in 2017 at the CSIT World Sports Games in Riga, Latvia.

Athlete Commissions

We would like to build a bridge between the voluntary IRV officials and the athletes, coaches and judges from member countries. The idea is to establish a close, open and honest co-operation as an important element in the continued development of our sport. The only way to manage the biggest tasks facing our sport is to work together.

Athlete Commissions for Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel will discuss and report on relevant issues for their respective disciplines. The IRV will provide the necessary infrastructure to process ideas, proposals and constructive criticism in order to learn for the future.

More about the Athlete's Commission

Next Steps

It will take time to implement the ideas and concepts included in this Agenda 2020. The IRV Team will continue to work on the ideas, develop them into concrete plans and produce the necessary documentation, rules and guidelines. We do not know how far we will get by 2020 or how the final results will look. We need to discuss many issues in specialist workshops and smaller groups in order to move forwards.

It was important for us to communicate our intentions to our members early on in the process – to show how the IRV would like to see international wheel gymnastics in the year 2020. In doing this, we have defined a goal towards which we can work. The majority of the work is still ahead of us, and we will be happy to receive active support from anyone interested in contributing.

If you would like to contribute, please send an email. All offers of help are welcome.

Henning Henningsen

IRV President

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