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(left to right) Simon Rufener (SUI), Svea Hüning (GER), Tami Livny (ISR), Katja Homeyer (GER), Yasuhiko Takahashi (JPN)

From the World Championships 2018, the IRV Athletes’ Commission will channel the opinions of athletes and coaches, and serve as a sparring partner for the IRV Executive Board. Members of the Athletes’ Commission are elected for two years at a time, and during their period of office they can make proposals to the IRV Executive Board and be actively involved in discussions.

Members of the 2018 Athletes' Commission:

  • Gym Wheel: Simon Rufener (SUI)
  • Gym Wheel: Yasuhiko Takahashi (JPN)
  • Cyr Wheel: Svea Hüning (GER)
  • Coaches: Tami Livni (ISR)
  • Coaches: Katja Homeyer (GER)
2018 Manual Athlete Commission

Working Groups

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Working Groups (WGs) is the name we wish to give to specialised groups of qualified volunteers who will work together to discuss ideas, produce documentation and implement plans of action in specifically defined areas within the development of wheel gymnastics. Some such groups have been in existence for several years, and these will now be included in a formalised structure.

The WGs report to the IRV Executive Board, which is responsible for approving the decisions and proposals made by the WGs. New WGs are initiated by the IRV Board and a Head of Group is appointed from within the IRV. Interested volunteers are welcome to submit a letter of motivation, which will be forwarded to the relevant Head of Group. The Head of Group will consult with existing group members before nominating the appointment of new group members to the IRV Board.

We will always be happy to hear from interested volunteers, even if there is no immediate vacancy. We hope to be able to build up a pool of expertise that we can draw on for short-term and long-term projects as they arise.

The Working Groups we have defined to start with are as follows:

  • Gym Wheel Code of Points
  • Gym Wheel Judging Courses
  • Cyr Wheel
  • InsideWheel
  • Freestyle
  • Media

Some of these groups are closed (they are already full) while some of them are open (we are looking for volunteers). It is OK to apply for a closed group, but your application will probably be kept on file for future opportunities.


Code of Points

Head of this group: Miriam Kaufmann

This WG has 4 sub-groups:

  • Gym Wheel Code of Points: straight-line and spiral
  • Gym Wheel Code of Points: music
  • Gym Wheel Code of Points: vault
  • Gym Wheel Code of Points: difficulty

The Code of Points WG has been in existence for some years, but its structure is now being formalised within the wider context of the IRV. This WG is responsible for the continued development of the Gym Wheel Code of Points in straight-line, spiral and vault. A separate set of regulations will be available for each discipline, and extra training tips and news will be published on a regular basis.

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Head of this group: Miriam Kaufmann

This WG aims to develop a complete licensing system for Gym Wheel judges. A basic judging course will be developed and made available for member countries to administer on a national level. In the long term an international judging license will also be developed and will be a requirement for judges at IRV events.

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Head of this group: Günter Fischer

The Freestyle WG is open to people who want to develop our sport by thinking "outside the box". The aim is to look “beyond” the existing competition formats and Code of Points for Gym and Cyr Wheel. New ideas, elements and/or combinations of Cyr and Gym Wheel, spiral and straight-line, individual, partner or group disciplines – anything’s possible!

We are looking for people with unusual and ground-breaking ideas who are willing to work together to help us create something different that is innovative and attractive for both gymnasts and spectators.

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Cyr Wheel

Head of this group: Maria Sollohub

The Cyr Wheel WG is primarily concerned with developing the Code of Points for Cyr Wheel on a continuous basis. For the moment, the group will consist of the IRV Vice President for Cyr Wheel, the IRV technical representative for Cyr Wheel and one judge who was present at the most recent world championships.

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Head of this group: Henning Henningsen

InsideWheel is a new online knowledge and community platform for the sport of wheel gymnastics, initiated by the IRV. The objectives are to spread wheel gymnastics across all 5 continents, make it more accessible as a sport, and to build an online wheel community. It will also function as a central place for discussions and questions regarding IRV events and the code of points.

Be part of this working group as InsideWheel Scout. Check the attached job description.

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Head of this group: Gerlind Vollmer

The Media Working Group is open to people who want to promote our sport by thinking "outside the box". As we have no significant budget for classical advertising or other traditional media activities, we are constantly searching for strategies that will put wheel gymnastics on the front page of social media. The aim is to increase the interest of the general public, to make wheel gymnastics more popular, and to create interest for IRV events, including the world championships and during the time between world championships. We are looking for people with unusual and innovative ideas, as well as advanced social media skills. Video editing skills are also an advantage.

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