Financial Support

Dear IRV Member countries,

Wheel Gymnastics has become a global gymnastics movement within the last 20 years. Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel has become more and more popular on all five continents.

Therefore we see the need of international courses and training sessions, to widen the knowledge of wheel gymnastics and support the exchange in the Wheel Gymnastics family.

It is part of the IRV strategy to support activities in our member countries to organize international courses and training camps. The IRV pays subsidies for travel expenses of certified courses instructors, up to EUR 800, dependant on the membership level. IRV member countries can apply for a subsidy at the beginning of a year until end of february. The IRV will decide and possibly split its budget for subsidies to all applicants, if the requested amount exceed the available budget.

Tegi Klar-Thommen
Vice-President International Development

Supported Activities

Available Budget 2017

EUR 1.500

Year Member Activity Supported with
2016   no budget available  
2015 USA Big Wheel Weekend, Chicago EUR 800
2015 Germany Gym Wheel Weekend for Men, Weilheim EUR 400
International Wheel Gymnastics Federation IRV - c/o SATUS Schweiz - Monbijoustrasse 61 - PO-Box - CH-3001 Bern - office[at]rhoenrad[.]com