Mission Statement

The International Wheel Gymnastics Federation offers guidance and support to its member associations and clubs in issues relating to wheel gymnastics and cyr wheel at both recreational and competitive levels.

Mission Statement

1 | Statement

The International Wheel Gymnastics Federation offers guidance and support to its member associations and clubs in issues relating to wheel gymnastics and mono wheel at both recreational and competitive levels.

Our main purpose is to lead and promote the sport of wheel gymnastics and mono wheel in all continents.

  • Training camps
  • International youth camps
  • Team World Cups
  • World Championships

We see ourselves as an organiser, service provider and representative of interests for our member countries and clubs.

We have an open attitude towards new developments within wheel gymnastics and mono wheel.

We welcome members who identify with our aims and feel an affiliation with our activities.

2 | Members

(national associations and clubs)

We aim to offer the best possible guidance and support to our members.

3 | Events

We aim to provide high quality courses, training, safety and integration of our member associations/clubs.

4 | Ethik and Environment

We consider involvement in sport as an important aspect of physical and mental health and thus an active contribution to a healthy society. Mutual respect and fairness in sport and in personal behaviour – including towards third parties – are part of our code of conduct.

We condemn and oppose the use of performance enhancing drugs and support the efforts of national and international organisations in their fight against drug use.

5 | Areas of Activities

We focus on the following areas of activity:

  • Organisation of coaching, judging and training courses
  • Organisation of World Championships, Team World Cups and other events that promote wheel gymnastics
  • Assistance in the organisation and implementation of important international events
  • Personal guidance, advice and support of our member countries and their national associations

6 | Finances

The establishment of a healthy financial foundation and the securing of long-term income are at the forefront of our efforts. Our financial planning is aimed at defining and steering the future financial needs and income of the federation.

We aim to supplement our main income (membership contributions) with new sources of financing, in particular sponsorship.

World Championships, Team World Cups, and other events that contribute to the promotion of wheel gymnastics, can also serve as potential sources of income.

7 | Leadership and Administration

Our leadership and administration focuses on the concrete aims of the sport.

We have a co-operative, goal-oriented leadership style.

The federation operates as a collegial body both internally and externally. It carries the responsibility for all federation activities.

The responsible federation officials have wide-ranging competence within the framework of the programme of activities as well as within their defined areas of responsibility.

The leadership of the IRV comprises skilled and experienced people who devote their time on a voluntary basis. For the sake of efficiency and effectiveness, some tasks (e.g. in marketing and communication) are outsourced to external professionals.

8 | Strategic Goals

Short-term (2 years)

Focus on the securing of existing federation structures and the necessary financial means for the future.

  • Search for local organisers of World Championships, Team World Cup and international youth camp
  • Re-structuring of income sources – building up of a solid financial basis in order to be able to carry out the tasks of the federation.
  • Affiliation to international umbrella organisations (e.g. CSIT)
  • Integration of cyr wheel
  • Cataloguing of new difficulty elements

Mid-term (3-5 years)

Focus on communication and public relations. Optimisation and consolidation of internal organisational processes within leadership, finance, education and events.

  • Mono wheel as a new competitive discipline – integration and planning for the future
  • New sources of income from sponsoring and partnerships
  • Digitalisation of the Code of Points
  • Revision of the Technical Language of Wheel Gymnastics (RTS)
  • Establishment of a common platform for judging news, training tips etc.
  • Cataloguing of new difficulty elements

Long-term (6-10 years)

To secure the future of wheel gymnastics by following up the short-term and mid-term goals.

  • Participation at the CSIT World Games


Wheel gymnastics as an Olympic discipline.

9 | Information / Communication

We are committed to an open, objective and prompt information and communication flow. We prioritise the use of reliable and modern tools, including

  • Internet presence
  • Active media participation

10 | Co-Operation

In order to achieve our federation goals, we co-operate with other associations and organisations in the area of wheel gymnastics.

International Wheel Gymnastics Federation IRV - c/o SATUS Schweiz - Monbijoustrasse 61 - PO-Box - CH-3001 Bern - office[at]rhoenrad[.]com