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  • 2018

    Date   Event Documents City
    March 24-25 Member Event

    Belgian Open & Eupen Pokal

    Invitation Eupen, Belgium
    April 2-8  

    Taunusstein Training Camp

    Invitation Taunusstein/Wiesbaden, Germany
    May 6 IRV Event

    IRV General Assembly

      Magglingen, Switzerland
    May 6-13 IRV Event

    IRV World Championships 2018

    more information Magglingen, Switzerland
    July 19-22 Member Event

    International Judging Course

    Open for everybody Tsukuba, Japan
    Nov 4 Member Event

    Open Danish Championships

    Invitation Ringstedt, Denmark
    Nov 17/18 Member Event

    Austrian Open & Mozart Cup

    Invitation Salzburg, Austria
  • 2019

    Date   Event Documents City
    April 13 - 14 Member Event

    Int. Belgian Open & Eupen Cup

      Eupen, Belgium
    April 15 - 19

    Taunusstein Wheel Camp

    Invitation Taunusstein, Germany
    21 April IRV Event

    IRV Team World Cup 2019

    more information Akita, Japan
    July 2-7 IRV Event CSIT Event

    IRV Wheel Workshop Week & Open Mixed Masters 2019

    in the framework of CSIT World Sports Games
    more information Tortosa, Spain
  • 2020

    Date   Event Documents City
    summer 2020 IRV Event

    IRV World Championships 2020

      New York City, USA

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How to apply for IRV Events...?

Application Form

You want to host a World Championship, Team World Cup or other events in cooperation with the IRV? We summarized helpful information regarding the organisation of championships in the framework conditions.

The IRV Board will decide on applications within a max. 3 months period. If a meber plans to apply for IRV events, it can send a formless letter of intent (LoI) to the IRV Board to discuss the framework conditions of the event.

  1. Letter of intent
  2. Official application
  3. Decision by IRV Board
  4. Signed Championship Contract
  5. Official Announcement

Contact Persons

Henning Henningsen (IRV President) Send E-Mail

Günter Fischer (IRV Vice President Gym Wheel) Send E-Mail

Event Documents
IRV World Championships Framework Conditions
IRV Team World Championships Framework Conditions
IRV Open Mixed Masters Framework Conditions

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