Three Membership Levels

Wheel Gymnastics is the same everywhere, but the conditions in each country are different. To take this diversity into account, the IRV has introduced three different membership levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. In addition, there is an entry-level membership - intended for those countries that are still unsure whether they can become a full member. The fee for an entry-level membership is EUR 100 per annum.

The membership fees consist of an annual fee and a special contribution per World Championships participants. Depending on the level, the annual fee costs EUR 600, EUR 900 or EUR 1,200. The additional charges for the World Championships participants also depend on the membership level and are reviewed and adjusted every two years. The contributions to the IRV are limited at a maximum of € 2,300, this means that no country is punished even if its starting quota is at a maximum.

The basic idea behind our structure is that member associations shall be granted flexibility in designing their membership. The more active a country and the higher the level, the more support is possible from the IRV, e.g. for courses or for organizing international competitions. In any case, it is worth comparing membership fees and subsidies/support for each level.


IRV Competitions

World Championships

The IRV organizes World Championships in Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel every two years. For athletes this event is the absolute peak of their careers.

World Championships, that is, five days top performances, but also shows, fun, and something like a family reunion. Athletes are fighting for titles in All Around and in the individual disciplines straight line, spiral and vault. Additionally, the World Champion in the Team Competition will be crowned.

The World Championships is the biggest event in Wheel Gymnastics and the reason for the existence of the IRV. Every country that sends athletes to the World Championships has to be a member of the IRV. Depending on the membership level and number of disciplines the countries pay a fee between EUR 40 and EUR 140 per participant. Gold members pay the least, Entry members the highest fee.

Team World Cup

In order to shorten the time between the World Championships, the IRV has introduced the top-class Team World Cup in the years between: An innovative competition with special rating rules. The top four nations of the previous year's World Championships compete in 6 disciplines against each other.

The competition is compact, attractive, and the simple scoring system allows the audience to share the thrill: The nations will compete in four rounds. Each team selects tactically, with which discipline it starts and when their joker is played. Depending on the scores in each round, points from 4 to 1 are awarded. A joker doubles the points of the round it is played in. The TWC registration fees are also scaled according to membership level.

Before the Team World Cup, athletes are given the opportunity to increase their performance in an IRV Elite Training Camp.

Subsidies & Support

Subsidies for IRV Members

The IRV is dependent on its members, for example, as organizers of international competitions, but it also supports those organizers. If a country chooses to host World Championships or a Team World Cup, the IRV reimbursed this country a part of the annual contribution.

Financial aid from the IRV is also possible for hosting judging-, coaching or training courses in the member countries. The IRV pays the travel costs for internationally experienced, qualified trainers/coaches or speakers. Depending on the membership level, subsidies can amount up to EUR 800. To obtain IRV aid, the course must be advertised internationally, present a substantial and financial approach as well as a formally correct billing. Even administratively, the IRV can provide – as required –support and advice for its member countries.

Membership Overview

Entry Level Member

Bronze Member

Silver Member

Gold Member
Basic Annual Fee 100 EUR 600 EUR 900 EUR 1200 EUR
Individual Contribution per WC participant p.a.* / 85 EUR 70 EUR 55 EUR
Organisation of and participation in IRV Events ** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of participants 3 full contingent full contingent full contingent
Votes at General Assembly 0 2 2 3
Refund for hosting a world championships no refund 600 EUR 900 EUR 1200 EUR
Refund for hosting a Team World Cup no refund 300 EUR 450 EUR 600 EUR
Registration fee per participant for World Championships
(1 discipline / more than 1 discipline)
80 EUR / 140 EUR 60 EUR / 100 EUR 50 EUR / 85 EUR 40 EUR / 70 EUR
Registration fee per team at Team World Cup 500 EUR 400 EUR 300 EUR 200 EUR
License Fee for IRV courses 100 EUR 75 EUR 50 EUR 35 EUR
Subsidies for IRV courses organised by IRV members no subsidy IRV pays 50%
of the travel costs
for one certified
course instructor
(max. 200 EUR)
IRV pays 100%
of the travel costs
for one certified
course instructor
(max. 400 EUR)
IRV pays 100%
of the travel costs
for two certified
course instructors
(max. 800 EUR)
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